American Portraits

51/07/10 1 The Incomparable Doctor - The series aims to show great men through their common humanity. A program about Benjamin Franklin. Part of the music heard on the show was adapted by a string quartet written by Franklin. 51/07/17 2 A Storm at Montecello 51/07/24 3 John Yankee - John Adams defends eight British soldiers against a charge of murder. 51/07/31 4 There Stands Jackson - The story of the military genius of Stonewall Jackson, and how he met his death. 51/08/07 5 The Stepping Stones - The story of the brave band of Pilgrams who signed the first charter of civil rights, The Mayflower Compact. 51/08/14 6 The Sword of Kentucky - The story of George Rogers Clark and his battle against the British in the "Northwest Territories" near Detroit. 51/08/21 7 Reveille - A dramatization of some of the darkest days of the American revolution at Valley Forge. 51/08/28 8 Keepsakes - A well-done story about some of the lesser-known facts about Abraham Lincoln, as told through the memorabilia of his life. _____________________________________