Black Narcissus

(75 minutes)
A psychological drama about the emotional tensions within a convent of nuns in an isolated Himalayan valley. A group of Anglican nuns travels to a remote location in the Himalayas to set up a school and hospital and 'tame' the local people and environment, by conversion and gardening, only to find themselves increasingly seduced by the sensuality of their surroundings in a converted seraglio, and by the local British agent Dean. Clodagh, the Sister in charge, is attempting to forget a failed romance at home in Ireland. Tensions mount as Dean's laid-back charm makes an impression on Clodagh, but also attracts the mentally unstable Sister Ruth, who becomes pathologically jealous of Clodagh, resulting in a nervous breakdown and a violent climax. In a subplot, 'the Young General', heir to the throne of a princely Indian state who has come to the convent for his education, becomes infatuated with a lower caste dancing girl; the story's title refers to a perfume that he has imported from England.

xx/xx/xx Episode 1 - Arrival xx/xx/xx Episode 2 - The Young General xx/xx/xx Episode 3 - The New Chapel xx/xx/xx Episode 4 - Departures xx/xx/xx Episode 5 - The Belfry