Bradbury 13

This series of thirteen radio dramas was produced by the Media Services Division of Brigham Young University in cooperation with National Public Radio's Satellite Development Fund. They were broadcast during 1984 on National Public Radio and received the Peabody Award in the same year. A fourteenth show, featuring Ray Bradbury discussing his career, completes the series. The series was syndicated and has been broadcast since the original airing. BRADBURY 13 was introduced by Paul Frees and created, produced and directed by Michael McDonough. Mike went on to design the sound effects for several major films. Executive Producer was Dean VanUitert. Associate Producer was Jeff Rader. The original music score was written by Roger Hoffamn and Greg Hanson. All shows were based on works by Ray Bradbury and varied from science fiction ("Kaleidoscope"), to thriller, horror ("The Wind") or just plain fun ("There Was An Old Woman"). The acting was very much above average for a contemporary production, and the overall package was superior (in great measure thanks to the source material). The shows featured excellent use of stereo and effects. The show titles may seem familiar. Mr. Bradbury's stories were the source for many OTR shows. For example, "Kaleidoscope" appeared in DIMENSION X and SUSPENSE. "The Fox and the Forest" was done as "To the Future" in DIMENSION X. SF 68, a 1968 science fiction series produced in South Africa, included "A Sound of Thunder". One of the earliest was RADIO CITY PLAYHOUSE: "The Wind" (10-30-49). The complete run plus an interview with Mr. Bradbury is available to collectors. At least twelve of the shows were offered on tape by different publishers in the late 1980's and the 1990's. The Mind's Eye released at least three shows, Soundlux Publishing released at least two and Durkin Hayes Publishing released 12 shows. The one show note released by Durkin Hayes, "The Screaming Woman" was offered bu The Mind's Eye.
73/11/12 Frost and Fire 89/06/15 Bradbury on Bradbury 89/06/22 1 The Man 89/06/29 2 The Ravine 89/07/06 3 Night Call, Collect 89/07/13 4 The Veldt 89/07/20 5 There Was an Old Woman 89/07/27 6 Kaleidoscope 89/08/03 7 Here There Be Tygers 89/08/10 8 Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed 89/08/17 9 The Wind 89/08/24 10 The Fox and the Forest 89/08/31 11 The Happiness Machine 89/09/07 12 The Sound of Thunder 89/09/14 13 The Screaming Woman