Chet Chetter's Tales From The Morgue

The host, Chet Chetter, is morgue attendant, licensed embalmer and story teller. Chet sounds like a male "Old Nancy", or a Raymond Edward Johnson of Inner Sanctum or host, E. G. Marshall from the CBS Radio Mystery Theater. Each program closes with these remarks... "until the next time... pleasant dreams..." And the sound of a creaking door. The stories take place in the Biloxi, Mississppi area and be prepared for the southern drawls. The tales are original and unique. A mix of comedy and science-fiction and suspense and the macabre. Well acted-out performances. No credits were given to the authors or participants. A small gem of a series, indeed. The series aired on NPR in the early 1990's. One set of 13 shows were aired.
xx/xx/xx 1 1-(800) Big- Bang - Part 1 xx/xx/xx 2 1-(800) Big- Bang - Part 2 xx/xx/xx 3 Elmer And The Book Of Absolute Truth xx/xx/xx 4 Elmer Korn Meets Death xx/xx/xx 5 Elmer Korn Vs The Invaders xx/xx/xx 6 Elmer Vs The Mutant Mole Rat xx/xx/xx 7 Escape From Mysterious Isle - Part 1 xx/xx/xx 8 Escape From Mysterious Isle - Part 2 xx/xx/xx 9 Two Excursions In Fear xx/xx/xx 10 Rise And Fall Of The Master Constipator xx/xx/xx 11 If You Can't Stand The Heat xx/xx/xx 12 The Interface To Terror xx/xx/xx 13 It Came from Video