4x/xx/xx The Nazi Radio Station 42/06/08 Washington Woman Spy 42/06/22 Nazis From Mexico 42/09/14 Spy Submarine Logansport 42/12/14 German Spies 45/06/13 Washington Woman Spy 45/07/25 Explosive Dog aka The Case Of The Bag Of Dynamite 46/07/27 Stolen Car Racket (Rehearsal) 49/02/22 Mexican Rancho 49/02/24 Poison Peddler 49/08/09 Blackmailed Hijacker 49/08/11 Murmured Million 49/08/16 Statue of Death 49/08/18 Desert Explosion 49/08/23 Bouncing Bank Robber 49/08/25 Murdering Messenger 49/08/30 Cold Blooded Professor Pt1 49/09/01 Cold Blooded Professor Pt2 49/09/06 Arrogant Arsonist 49/09/08 Courageous Come-on 49/09/13 Flatbush Fagin 49/09/15 Hot Car Killer 49/09/20 Postal Pirates Pt1 49/09/22 Postal Pirates Pt2 49/09/27 Visiting Vultures 49/09/29 Vicious Visitor 49/10/04 Sweepstakes Murder 49/10/06 The Case of the Genuine Counterfeit 49/10/11 Case of the Society Swindler 49/10/13 Case of the High Class Hijacker 49/10/18 The Case of the Photograph Furrier 49/10/20 The Case of the International Intrigue 50/04/04 Magic Murder 50/04/11 Case of the Mile High Murders 50/04/13 Hoodlums Hero 50/04/18 Fabulous Formula Pt1 50/04/20 Fabulous Formula Pt2 50/04/25 Case of the Hijacked Country 50/04/27 Murdered Confessor 50/05/02 Soaring Saucer 50/05/04 Crystalline Double Cross 50/06/13 Tattooed Eye 50/08/15 The Case of the Foolish Father 50/10/13 The Case of the Foreign Fires 50/10/20 The Case of the Curious Conspiracy 50/10/27 The Case of the Insidious Impersonation 50/11/03 Case of the Carbon Consul 50/11/12 The Case of the Stolen Secret 50/11/19 The Case of the Pseudo Spuds 50/11/26 The Case of the Hideous Hijacker 50/12/10 The Case of the Infiltrating Agent 50/12/17 The Case of the Invisible Insurrectionist 50/12/24 The Case of the Pretty Plant 51/01/07 The Case of the Kleptomaniac Clue 51/01/14 The Case of the Captured Contact 51/01/21 Case of the Double Crossing Defender 52/02/14 The Fight Against Narcotics 52/xx/xx The Case of the Spectrograph 53/12/21 The Case of the Diamond Thieves 53/xx/xx Maisie the Barfly xx/xx/xx Flanagan Sisters Corn Syrup Company Coverup