Everything for the Boys

Everything for the Boys - 01 - Petrified Forest - 440118 - (Arch Oboler production) - Ronald Colman, Ginger Rogers. - The format of the program featured a drama, then a phone call (actually shortwave radio) from a serviceman overseas to the family back home. Two servicemen in England request the sounds of an ice cream soda. Everything for the Boys - 03 - Lost Horizon - 440201 - (Arch Oboler production) - Ronald Colman, Mercedes McCambridge - An abridged visit to Shangri-La. Everything for the Boys - 04 - Berkeley Square - 440208 - (Arch Oboler production) - Ronald Colman, Greer Garson. - "A romance that transcends time," with Ronald Colman. A "man from today" returns to the London of "yesteryear." Everything for the Boys - 05 - A Man to Remember - 440215 - Mark Twain (author), (Arch Oboler production) - Ronald Colman, Bob Burns. - The story of the life of a country doctor who leaves an estate of little money, and much, much more. Ronald Colman reads "High Flight." A soldier in Europe tells Bob Burns that their new weapon was named after his "Bazooka." Bob plays "Hitler's Funeral March" on his bazooka. Everything for the Boys - 06 - The Woman Stayed at Home - 440222 - (Arch Oboler production) - Ronald Colman, Mercedes McCambridge - Ronald Colman reads a love poem by Helen Deutsch. Everything for the Boys - 08 - Of Human Bondage - 440307 - Somerset Maugham (author), (Arch Oboler production) - Ronald Colman, Bette Davis, Hans Conried. Everything for the Boys - 09 - The Ghost Goes West - 440314 - (Arch Oboler production) - Ronald Colman, Anne Baxter. Everything for the Boys - 10 - A Girl on the Road - 440321 - (Arch Oboler production) - Ronald Colman, Martha Scott. - A drama about a girl hitch-hiker with the problems of war on her thumb. Everything for the Boys - 11 - An Ostrich in Bed - 440328 - (Arch Oboler production) - Ronald Colman, Joan Bennett. Everything for the Boys - 12 - This Living Book - 440404 - (Arch Oboler production) - Ronald Colman, Dennis Day, Mercedes McCambridge. Everything for the Boys - 13 - The Citadel - 440411 - A. J. Cronin (author), (Arch Oboler production) - Ronald Colman, Ida Lupino. - A drama about a doctor who cares for money than for healing. Everything for the Boys - 14 - The Jarvis Bay Goes Down - 440418 - (Arch Oboler production) - Ronald Colman, Ella Logan - Guest Ella Logan sings a song dedicated to the U. S. Rangers, "Got A Date With A Ranger." Ronald Colman reads the story of the sinking of The Jarvis Bay, an Australian freighter with a brave captain and crew. Well done! Everything for the Boys - 15 - Death Takes a Holiday - 440425 - Albert Casella (author), (Arch Oboler production) - Ronald Colman, Hans Conried, Ingrid Bergman. - Ingrid Bergman sings, "As Time Goes By." Everything for the Boys - 16 - Holy Matrimony - 440502 - Arnold Bennett (author), (Arch Oboler production) - Ronald Colman, Ruth Chatterton. - A famous British artist switches identities with his dying valet to get the peace and quiet he craves. Everything for the Boys - 17 - This Above All - 440509 - Eric Knight (author), (Arch Oboler production) - Ronald Colman, Olivia de Havilland - A British deserter during the Blitz finds romance before it's too late. The program features a radio conversation with two Canadians stationed in England. Everything for the Boys - 18 - Blithe Spirit - 440516 - Noel Coward (author), (Arch Oboler production) - Ronald Colman, Loretta Young, Edna Best, Mercedes McCambridge. - The radio premier of the drama by Noel Coward. An Englishman tries to cope with the ghosts of his two dead wives! Everything for the Boys - 19 - Quality Street by James M. Barrie - 440523 - (Arch Oboler production) - Ronald Colman, Agnes Moorehead, Maureen O'Sullivan - After the drama, a conversation with two soldiers stationed in Australia
iers stationed in Australia