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45/08/10 27 David Banters with Carol - David Farrell banters with Kate in the newsroom. Alice and Lucy hear a man groaning. Veronica Redfield announces that she's reached a decision! 49/06/15 The Man Who Knew All the Angles - Farrell is posing as a workman to get evidence against Cy Burdick. Will Labo put David in cement overshoes? 49/06/20 The Case of the Fatal Smile - Spencer stabs a carnival roustabout who is bothering Marsha! 49/08/16 High Explosive - Ramona the fortune teller admits to David that her brother Paul and Nat Dillon stole the detonators! 49/08/31 The Case of the Mysterious Killer - Oliver Underhill has been killed, shot through the heart. Mrs. Du Val is implicated in the murder, but then, a telegram arrives! xx/xx/xx Going To War