Garson Krebs, Private Eye

A tongue-in-cheek private detective with all the answers...and all the problems! This sleuth show combines the best of old-time radio acting with modern sound effects, music recording and editing. From his search for a lady's husband (whom he thinks is better off lost) to a crook with a sweet tooth and a sour personality, Garson Krebs faces each case with wit and guts! A detective comedy adventure with real film noir feel.
xx/xx/xx 1 Portrait of a Lady xx/xx/xx 2 Missing Husband xx/xx/xx 3 The Diva xx/xx/xx 4 Chocolate Passion xx/xx/xx 5 Prime Minister's Daughter xx/xx/xx 6 The Device xx/xx/xx 7 Club of Fear xx/xx/xx 8 Man with a Past