Great Speeches

33/01/31 Hitler Speech to Germany 39/08/29 The Eve of WWII 39/10/01 Winston Churchill - First month of the war 40/02/27 Lord HawHaw - William Joyce 41/07/03 Joseph Stalin - The German Invasion Continues 41/12/08 FDR - Day of Infamy 43/06/30 Winston Churchill 44/06/06 FDR - D-Day Prayer 45/01/06 FDR - Battle of the Bulge 45/04/xx Hitler's last broadcast 45/05/07 Berlin has fallen xx/xx/xx Adolf Hitler - Declaration of War Against Allies xx/xx/xx Adolf Hitler - Intoleranz xx/xx/xx Adolf Hitler - Polens xx/xx/xx Adolf Hitler - Preparing the Youth xx/xx/xx Adolf Hitler - Welcomes Austria into the Reich xx/xx/xx Gielgud reads Shakespeare's Sonnets xx/xx/xx Harry S. Truman - The First Atomic Bomb xx/xx/xx Russian Radio reports on German Invasion xx/xx/xx Theodore Roosevelt - Social and Industrial Justice xx/xx/xx Truman Defeats Dewey xx/xx/xx Winston Churchill - Fight on the Beaches xx/xx/xx Winston Churchill - Iron Curtain xx/xx/xx Winston Churchill - Russia Invaded