In The Name Of The Law

36/05/31 1 The Robbery 36/06/07 2 Who Killed Francis - Who killed Frances Baumhold? A complex family relationship. Poor Aunt Frances? 36/06/14 3 I Dreamed Mother Was Poisoned 36/06/21 4 Red Ryan's Prison Break 36/06/28 5 July Fourth Picnic 36/07/05 6 Phantom Gang 36/07/12 7 Bumped off Hubby 36/07/19 8 Narcotics in the Trunk - A woman is caught smuggling heroin into the country. She claims to know nothing about the drugs, then disappears from a locked hotel room. 36/07/26 9 Nothing Ever Happens in Chinatown - In Chicago's Chinatown, merchant Wong Fu has been shot to death. A detective, who speaks Chinese, sees that truth and justice will triumph. 36/08/02 10 I Didn't Do Nothing 36/08/08 11 She Was Murdered 36/08/16 12 He Did It, or Did He