John Steele, Adventurer

49/07/12 12 Cargo Unknown - 78366. John Steele, Adventurer. July 12, 1949. Mutual net. "Cargo Unknown". Sustaining. Not auditioned. Two men are in an open boat, with a beautiful woman. Elliott Drake (writer, director), Ross Martin, Connie Lembcke, Earl George, Sylvan Levin (conductor), Walt Shaver (sound effects), Ted Mallie (announcer), Don Douglas, Robert Monroe (producer). 29:36. Audio condition: Very good. Complete. 49/10/25 27 Lighthouse Twelve - A lighthouse keeper has to overcome his morbid fear of the sea. Eva Marie Saint, Robert Monroe (producer), Elliot Drake (director), Lois Landauer (writer), John Larkin, Charles Holmes, Don Douglas (as "John Steele") 49/11/01 28 The Mission - "One man on a relentless search meets a strange and beautiful woman, and the answer is in the shifting sands of the desert." A man finds, "you can learn, even from defeat." Connie Lembcke, Ross Martin 50/01/31 41 Captive - A jungle guide has been hunting a one-eyed tigress for three years. 50/02/07 42 Ascent - 50/03/07 46 The Lonely One - "The story of a boy who found the key to the outer room." Don Douglas, Jim Boles, Ross Martin, Abby Lewis. 50/04/18 52 Long Shot - "A man is trapped in the bitterness of the past." An adventure at the race track. 50/05/23 57 Trail's End - "One man with an iron sense of justice in a canyon with a desperate killer." Don Douglas, Doc Whipple ("musical effects") 50/06/20 61 Shadow on the Snow - "In the towering peaks of the Swiss Alps, the story of a very strange mood. The story of a man who had to climb a mountain to find himself." 50/07/25 66 Dead Ringer - "One man on a mission of vengeance, stalking a brutal, unknown killer in a town of strangers." 50/08/22 70 Comeback - "One man, consumed by a driving ambition, adds the red color of hate in the blistering heat of the baseball diamond." "Sometimes you can step down, to go upstairs." 50/11/07 81 The Darkened Ring - "A man with a gnawing hunger for glory hears the tundering roar of a fight crowd in his ear." "The story of a man who almost loses his right to a future, in the violence of the present." 50/11/28 84 The Circle Road - "A man, scarred by bitter memories (hears) lonely footsteps in the leaves (and follows) the path of decision." "The handbook of battle is not the manual of peace." John Larkin, Jim Boles, Joyce Gordon, Abby Lewis, Ross Martin. 51/01/30 93 The Sixth Bullet - "A man, trapped in the wreckage of his life, is taunted with a false hope for escape." 51/03/13 99 One Way Street - "One Way Street". Sustaining. Not auditioned. "A man, who though he'd seen everything, (is up) a blind alley (with a) host from the past." John Larkin, Ross Martin, Phil Sterling, Jack Edwards. 51/04/10 103 The Marshal of Morgan County - "A man who rides alone hears a voice in the night and makes a bargain sealed in the hot flash of gunfire." "A man rides through a town and swaps freedom for justice."