Nero Wolfe

____________________________________ The character of Nero Wolfe came from a series of novels by Rex Stout. Nero Wolfe was known as "the gargantuan gourmet, the fat genius whose eye for detail has solved many a perfect murder" and "the detective genius who rates the knife and fork the greatest invention ever invented by man". Archie Goodwin, Wolfe's male secretary, prodded him into taking cases whenever the bank balance got a little low. Nero Wolfe first appeared on radio on July 5, 1943 on the NBC Blue Network in THE ADVENTURES OF NERO WOLFE. This was a short-lived series staring Santos Ortega as Wolfe and Luis Van Rooten as Archie. The second attempt at bringing Mr. Wolfe to the airwaves was during 1945 on the Mutual network in THE AMAZING NERO WOLFE. This run lasted only until December 15, 1946 and starred Francis X. Bushman. The third series, the subject of this log, was known as THE NEW ADVENTURES OF NERO WOLFE. Starting on October 20, 1950, a Friday, it lasted only until April 27, 1951. It starred Sidney Greenstreet as Wolfe. The part of Archie was played by Lawrence Dobkin for the first twelve shows. Gerald Mohr took over for the next four shows after making a guest appearance in the twelfth show. Harry Bartell was Archie for the remainder of the series. Nero Wolfe was last heard on radio over Canadian Broadcasting Corp. stations in 1982 in a series of 13 1-hour shows. 50/10/20 1 Stamped for Murder 50/10/27 2 The Care Worn Cuff 50/11/03 3 The Dear, Dead Lady 50/11/17 5 The Careless Cleaner 50/11/24 6 The Beautiful Archer 50/12/01 7 The Brave Rabbit 50/12/08 8 The Impolite Corpse 50/12/15 9 The Girl Who Cried Wolf 50/12/22 10 The Slaughtered Santas 50/12/29 11 The Bashful Body 51/01/05 12 Deadly Sell-Out 51/01/12 13 The Killer Cards 51/01/19 14 The Calculated Risk 51/01/26 15 The Phantom Fingers 51/02/02 16 The Vanishing Shells 51/02/16 17 The Party for Death 51/02/23 18 The Malevolent Medic 51/03/02 19 The Hasty Will 51/03/09 20 The Disappearing Diamonds 51/03/16 21 The Midnight Ride 51/03/23 22 The Final Page 51/03/30 23 The Tell-Tale Ribbon 51/04/06 24 A Slight Case of Perjury 51/04/20 25 The Lost Heir 51/04/27 26 Room 304 (Last Episode) _____________________________________