Official Detective

_____________________________________ 50/02/17 Three Men Dealing with Currency Exchanges - Three men are dealing with currency exchanges and one of them has turned stool pigeon. Lawson Zerbe, Santos Ortega, Joe DeSantis 56/03/23 Murder in Butcher Shop, Gay Sailor Suspected - There's been a murder in Mr. Krauss' butcher shop. The main suspect seems to be a gay sailor! 56/11/08 Spinster Murdered - A spinster named Pauline Smith is found murdered, lying in a pool of blood. The bloody fingerprints found at the murder scene belong to a dead man! 56/11/29 The Case of the Murdered Bridegroom - A new brideroom reveals to his bride that he only married her for her money. The bride cuts herself on broken glass; the groom is murdered! Then, there's that suitcase with $175,000 in cash. _____________________________________