Pete Kelly's Blues

_____________________________________ (A Jack Webb series) 51/07/11 2 Little Jake 51/08/15 7 Gus Is A Wanted Man 51/08/22 Dutch Courtney - Dutch Courtney has been murdered. Gus Trudeau goes on the lam from Courtney's men and the cops. 51/08/29 9 Zelda - Zelda wants Pete to get a phonograph record back from Matty Wynn. Why does she want the recording of "June Night" so badly? 51/09/05 10 Vita Brandt - Dick Cathcart and His Orchestra play authentic sounding 20's jazz. A gangster's moll is going to marry Pete Kelly, or else! Good radio. 51/09/12 11 June Gould - June's mother has arrived in Kansas City looking for her, and asks Pete to help. Good radio. 51/09/19 12 Dr Jonathan Budd - Dr. Jonathan Budd is on the run from "The Dutchman," who plans to kill him. Pete Kelly tries to help. Good radio. _____________________________________