Philip Morris Playhouse

_____________________________________ 49/02/25 Leona's Room - A theatre critic is blackmailed by a vaudeville mind-reader. A well written story! Vincent Price, Cathy Lewis 49/03/11 The Lady from the Sea - A movie starlet commits murder, and her lover takes the rap for her. When he gets out twenty years later, she isn't very grateful. Marlene Dietrich 49/04/01 Apology - An ordinary guy lets his wife die, but then has to deal with her very tough father. An unusual drama in that all characters have New York Jewish dialects. Elliott Lewis, Alan Reed, Sidney Miller. 50/05/06 Murder Needs an Artist - A writer discovers a famous artist with amnesia, living in a Bowery flophouse. He gets the artist to start painting again and protects his investment with murder. Vincent Price, William Conrad. 51/09/18 The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse _____________________________________