Rex Saunders

_____________________________________ (A Rex Harrison series with Leon Janney and directed by Himan Brown.) 51/04/13 0 Game with Death(Audition) - A woman steals Rex Saunders' briefcase to keep him from leaving for Chicago. Jerry Connell has been killed trying to break up the romance between his sister and the operator of a gambling ship. 51/05/02 1 Lady with Hate in Her Heart - A book called "The Lonely Trail" is very much in demand, by many dishonest people! The script is very similar to a "Bulldog Drummond" story (cat. #97). The system cue has been deleted. 51/05/09 2 A Shocking still Life - Rex Harrison, Edward Adamson (writer), Kenneth Banghart (announcer), Leon Janney, Barbara Weeks. 51/05/16 3 Done to Death 51/05/23 4 Game with Death 51/05/30 5 Shallow Graves 51/06/06 6 Plan in the Killers Mind 51/06/13 7 Trip to the Death House 51/06/20 8 Murder in Killers Mind 51/06/27 9 Namely Murder 51/07/04 10 Hidden Thoughts in a Feminine Mind 51/07/11 11 Murder is a Silent Companion 51/07/18 12 Until Death Do Us Part 51/07/25 13 Worth more than it's Weight in Murder 51/08/01 14 The Human Game (Last Episode) _____________________________________