Rogue's Gallery

_____________________________________ Dick Powell was no stranger to radio. Originally, a song-and-dance man, he appeared in many movies prior to being cast as Richard Rogue. And this was not his first time on radio. In the late 1930s he hosted Your Hollywood Parade, a variety show featuring the stars at Warner Brothers. This was followed by appearances on the OLD GOLD SHOW for a short time in early 1934. For next few years he guested on many shows including THE HOLLYWOOD HOTEL and the LUX RADIO THEATER. Then in 1941 he and his then wife Joan Blondell starred in MISS PINKERTON, INC. Whether or not this ever became a radio series is not known since only the first show survives. Still being active and starring in movies he became Richard Rogue of ROGUE'S GALLERY. He played a sweet-talking, wise-cracking private detective. He never failed to solve a case but not without the help of his alter-ego, Eugor (Rogue spelled backwards). Rogue never failed to get bashed on the head and would, in this euphoric state, hear from Eugor who would offer clues that would help solve the case. Dick Powell as Richard Rogue was a summer replacement for the Fitch Bandwagon for two years. Sandwiched in between these two was a full season of the show. Powell left the show but ROGUE'S GALLERY continued with Barry Sullivan, Chester Morris and Paul Stewart re-creating the role. 45/06/23 1 McDonald Murder Case 45/07/14 4 Angela Mullins (rehearsal) 45/10/04 16 Blondes Prefer Gentlemen 45/10/18 18 Little Drops Of Rain 45/10/25 19 Murder with Muriel 45/11/08 21 Little Drops of Rain 45/11/15 22 House of Fear ( Sombaland Diamond - Chicago Tribune) 45/11/29 24 Little Old Lady (Lovely Little Old Lady Chicago Tribune) 45/12/13 26 Blood on the Sand 45/12/20 27 Fortune in Furs 46/01/03 29 Murder At Minden 46/01/17 31 Anson Leeds is Dead (aka-Pamela Leeds; Suspicious Will) 46/01/31 33 Special Added Attraction (aka-Carlotta, The Magnificent; Bob Price Case; Pop Price Case; The Carnival; The Circus) 46/02/21 36 Triangle Murder Case (Chicago Tribune) [aka-Alibi Master, The Chronicle, Clark Ames] 46/04/04 42 The Message (Chicago Tribune) [aka-Favor For A Condemned Man; Death House Legacy; Mike Royal Case] 46/05/09 47 Snowbound 46/05/16 48 The Impossible Murder 46/05/23 49 The Latin Type 46/06/06 51 Blue Eyes (aka-Jealousy Is A Strange Thing; Weekend Guest; Pat Flynn Story) 46/06/13 52 The Corpse I didn't Kill (aka-Red-Headed Stranger; Red-Haired Stranger; Joe Dale Case; San Fernando Valley) 46/06/23 54 The Star Of Savoy (aka-McDonald Murder Case) [Sundays on NBC] 46/06/30 55 Lady With A Gun 46/07/07 56 Cabin On The Lake 46/07/14 57 Where There's A Will There's A Murder 47/06/29 71 Phyllis Adrian Is Missing xx/xx/xx The Bob Price Case _____________________________________