_____________________________________ SF 68 was a product of South Africa. Produced by Michael McCabe, it aired sometime during 1968. It was sponsored by BioTex, a cleaning solution. The announcer was Dennis Smith, but the cast members were never announced. McCabe gave up the program at the end of the run and began producing a horror series called BEYOND MIDNIGHT. There were 18 episodes (not verified). The plays were adapted (by McCabe) from various science fiction stories, for example, "A Sound of Thunder" was written by Ray Bradbury. If you enjoy science fiction, these are quite good and it's interesting to compare them against domestic science fiction radio drama, both old and new. 68/03/08 2 Survival 68/03/15 3 The Last Rites by Charles Beaumont of 'Twilight Zone' fame 68/03/24 4 The Death Dust 68/03/29 5 Wanted in Surgery by Harlan Ellison 68/05/10 11 A Sound Of Thunder by Ray Bradbury 68/05/17 12 The Answer 68/05/24 13 The Will by Walter M. Miller 68/06/07 15 Routine Exercise 68/06/14 16 Jenny with Wings 68/06/21 17 Homecoming 68/06/28 18 Andover and the Android by Kate Wilhelm 68/07/05 19 The Quest 68/07/19 21 The Cage by A. Bertram Chandler 68/08/16 24 The Space Cow by William Morrison 68/09/20 29 Watchbird by Robert Sheckley 68/09/27 30 The Castaway by Murray Leinster 68/10/11 32 The New Wine 68/10/19 33 Grenville's Planet (Stereo) by Michael Shaara _____________________________________