Stan Freberg

_____________________________________ On July, 14, 1957, in the twilight of the great days of radio, Stan Freberg opened his own show, a summer replacement for the Jack Benny Show on CBS. Mr. Freberg was already known to the radio audience for parts played in numerous other series and a situation comedy, THAT'S RICH. Although the series lasted only 15 shows, it demonstrated Stan's genius for satiric comedy. In 1958, Capitol Records released an album of some of the best of the sketches from the series. The albums, "The Best of Stan Freberg", won a Grammy award. Regulars who helped Stan make his special brand of madness were June Foray, Peter Leeds, Daws Butler and Peggy Taylor. 57/07/14 1 Musical Sheep 57/07/21 2 Interview with the Abominable Snowman 57/07/28 3 Miss Universe Contest 57/08/04 4 Great Moments in History - Paul Revere 57/08/11 5 Orville Arrives from the Moon 57/08/18 6 Program Censor 57/08/25 7 The Lone Psyciatrist 57/09/01 8 Uninterupted Melody 57/09/08 9 Abominable Snowman Revisited 57/09/15 10 Another Hi-Fi Lecture 57/09/22 11 College Football Report 57/09/29 12 How to Repair a Leaky Faucet 57/10/06 13 All About Werewolves 57/10/13 14 Sponsored by Freberg 57/10/20 15 Final Show - The Best of Stan Freburg xx/xx/xx Audio Forward xx/xx/xx Banana Boat Song xx/xx/xx Boogie Woogie Banjo Man xx/xx/xx Christmas Dragnet xx/xx/xx Gilbert and Sullivan xx/xx/xx Green Christmas xx/xx/xx Green Christmas (2) xx/xx/xx I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas xx/xx/xx I'm Gettin' Nuttin' For Christmas xx/xx/xx I've Got You under My Skin xx/xx/xx James Bond xx/xx/xx Little Red Riding Hood xx/xx/xx Rock Island Line xx/xx/xx Spy Interview xx/xx/xx Taco Bell In China xx/xx/xx The Lone Ranger xx/xx/xx Today the Pits, Tomorrow the Wrinkles xx/xx/xx Twelve Pains of Christmas xx/xx/xx Wright Brothers xx/xx/xx Yellow Rose Of Texas xx/xx/xx Yogi Yorgesson Yingle Bells _____________________________________