That Hammer Guy

_____________________________________ Mickey Spillane's Mike hammer in action!!! 5x/xx/xx Barney Miller Syndicate (aka-Trouble With Dames; Hank Busby Case) [Larry Haines] - Hank Busby dies in front of Mike, but he died a year ago! A missing negative, a false identity, and an engaged the wrong kind of girl. 5x/xx/xx Contract on a Dead Man [Larry Haines] 5x/xx/xx Dead Dame in the Park (aka-Hammer Framed for Murder) [Ted de Corsia] - Mike meets Marsha Bowman in the park. She turns out to be Marsha Jordan, and is very dead! 5x/xx/xx Faye Durando [Ted de Corsia] 5x/xx/xx Hammer Framed for Murder 5x/xx/xx Man in Wheelchair [Larry Haines] 5x/xx/xx Mike's Friend Murdered (aka-Jim Gordon Case) [Ted de Corsia] - Mike finds out that his old war buddy Jim Gordon has been killed, but the cops insist it was a suicide. 5x/xx/xx Velda's Brother (aka-Zelda's Brother) [Larry Haines] 5x/xx/xx Wakefield Dame [Ted de Corsia] - Billy Mason, an up and coming boxer, is being ruined by "the Wakefield dame," strictly a Park Avenue type. 53/04/07 14 Saddle Shoes (aka-Lillian Martin Case; Sophisticated Lady) [Larry Haines] - Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer as rough and tough as ever. Mike's after a pair of saddle shoes after their owner shoots first to kill...and almost does. 53/04/14 15 The Laura Fenton Case (aka-Baby-Sitting Jolie) [Larry Haines] - Mike is offered $1000 to be the bodyguard of a beauty from France named "Jolie." Mike's client soon turns into a corpse, "Jolie" turns out to be a French poodle! _____________________________________