13 by Corwin

26 by Corwin

Norman Corwin is one of those landmark individuals in the history of old-time radio. The shows he brought to radio are among the finest that radio produced. Two classic examples of these are "We Hold These Truths", a commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Bill of Rights, and "On a Note of Triumph", commemorating the Allied victory in Europe. (See Columbia Presents & Orson Welles) CBS, for whom Mr. Corwin worked his magic, was quick to realize his abilities, and offered him the opportunity to use talents for the prestigious Columbia Workshop. This was to become "TWENTY-SIX BY CORWIN", presented as part of the Workshop. Although the title suggests 26 shows, there were actually 27 broadcasts, containing 2 repeats. This series-within-a-series is considered by many to be one of the true gems of dramatic radio. Four of these shows were selected for inclusion in a 1996 National Public Radio broadcast entitled THIRTEEN BY CORWIN. They are "Radio Primer", "The Odyssey of Runyon Jones", "Decent of the Gods" and "Mary and the Fairy". These four are listed below. Mr. Corwin published some of the scripts for the series in "13 by Corwin" (1942) and "More by Corwin" (1944). There may have been additional books containing scripts from this series. Although both are out of print, they are available in the used book market. Mr. Corwin would go on to produce other series for CBS, notably "Columbia Presents Corwin" and "An American In England".
41/05/04 1 Radio Primer 41/06/08 6 Odyssey of Runyon Jones 41/08/17 15 Old Testament Trilogy Pt 2 Esther 41/08/31 17 Mary and the Fairy