An American in England

AN AMERICAN IN ENGLAND was the story of Norman Corwin's visit to war- time England. As a radio series, it was a cooperative effort between the BBC and CBS. It documented war-time conditions in England from the perspective of the citizens of England, instead of those in power or of handouts from the war department. All shows of the series were written by Norman Corwin, produced by Edward R. Murrow and narrated by Joseph Julian. Ten shows aired under the AN AMERICAN IN ENGLAND banner, broadcast in 2 series. The first were 6 shows aired from August 3, 1942 through September 7, 1942. They were created in England and were broadcast via shortwave to the US as well as broad- cast from US stations. The second series consisted of only 4 shows, produced in the US after Mr. Corwin's return, and aired December 1, 1942 through December 22, 1942. One of those 4 was a repeat from the first run. All shows were approximately 30 minutes in length. The seventh show of the series, "Cromer", was re-broadcast May 9, 1944 as the 10th show in the Columbia Workshop: Columbia Presents Corwin series. 42/08/24 4 Women of Britain 42/08/31 5 The Yanks Are Here 42/09/07 6 An Anglo-American Angle 42/12/01 7 Cromer 42/12/08 8 Home Is Where You Hang Your Helmet 42/12/15 9 An Anglo-American Angle (repeat of # 6) 42/12/22 10 Clipper Home