The Big Story

The Big Story _____________________________________ 47/06/04 10 The Thirteenth Key [James Fusco] 47/10/15 29 The Bobby-Sox Kid from Bayonne [Dorothy Kilgallen] - Dorothy Kilgallen of the New York Journal American finds out the truth about what happened between her mother and herself. Mitzie Gould, Eleanor Audley (doubles), Willard Young (singer), Jerry Lewis (doubles), Burt Brazier (doubles), Francis De Sales (doubles) 47/11/26 35 The Case of the Unfinished Love Song [Howard Beaufait] - Howard Beaufait, a reporter for the Cleveland News, frees an innocent man from jail. A good story! 47/12/17 38 The Case of the Ambitious Hobo [Russell Wilson] - Russell Wilson of the Des Moines Tribune covers the story of "Baby Face" Freddy Bell, who wants to be rich and famous. 48/01/07 41 Manhunt in Manhattan [Ted Prager] 48/05/05 58 Pillars of Society [William Miller] - William Miller of the Cleveland Press is asked by Joe Mantell's mother to help prove that her son is innocent of the killing of an old couple during a robbery. Arnold Moss, Jack Grimes (doubles), Santos Ortega (doubles) 48/05/19 60 The Deadline Murder [Rolf K Mills] - The big story of Rolf K. Mills of the Minneapolis Morning Tribune. A woman's dead body has been found at the city dump. She had been buried alive! 48/07/21 69 The Lottery Racket [Keeler McCartney] - The big story of Keeler McCartney of the Atlanta Constitution, who attempts to clean up a lottery racket and nearly gets killed for his efforts. 49/01/05 93 Murderous Kid [Al Aaronson] - The "big story" of Al Aronson of the Louisville Courier Journal. A crazy sixteen year old kid has killed four people, terrorized his father, and lives in a piano crate! 49/01/26 96 Jig Saw [Joseph Wirges] 50/01/11 146 Gambling, Divorce and Murder [Frank McCulloch] - The "big story" of Frank McCulloch of The Reno (Nevada) Gazette. An apparently wealthy real estate agent is found murdered. A fearful hotel desk clerk knows who asked for the .22 automatic. 50/07/12 172 Hunch That Paid Off [Bill Griffith] 50/11/29 192 Triple Murder [T R Johnson] - T. R. Johnson, of the Salt Lake City Tribune, and his story of a triple murderer with the mind of a little boy. 52/03/19 260 To Avenge a Murder [Alan Cowperthwaite] - Reporter Allen Copperthwaite of the Helena Montana Independant Record tracks down the two killers of his best friend. _____________________________________