Black Book, Black Chapel, Black Castle

51/11/21 Different Readings 52/02/02 The Price of the Head 52/02/17 1 On Schedule - An embezzling accountant plans a perfect crime aboard a commuter train heading towards New York. Paul Frees, John Dehner 52/02/24 2 My Favorite Corpse 52/03/02 3 Vagabond Murder 39/01/06 72 The Mahogany Coffin - Ted Osborne plays an gibbering old madman at the ruined organ in the chapel of evil. This is a thoroughly great horror story about a grave digger determined to be buried in his hand-made bed, easily convertible to a coffin! An excellent example of this genre. 42/12/16 Escape to Death - A sneak thief is imprisoned by a mad scientist and changed into a gorilla. The program is referred to as, "The Wizard Of The Black Castle." 43/09/25 Jungle Adventure - Two American flyers shot down in the jungle by Japs meet a black giant. The host is, "The Wizard of the Black Castle." He has a black crow named "Diablo." xx/xx/xx The Tale of the Crawling Terror