The Bold Venture Collection

The Hollywood husband and wife team of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall set sail for adventure in the Bold Venture radio series in early 1951. There were well over 400 stations that aired the program. Since this was syndicated the starting date varied from station to station but Mar 26, 1951 was the official date of the first show. Humphrey Bogart portrayed Slate Shannon, owner of a rundown Havana hotel, Shannon's Place. The action took place on land as well aboard Slate's boat, The Bold Venture, thus the title of the series. Lauren Bacall was his ward Sailor Duval, a stubborn and flirtatious young woman whose late father had willed her to Slate for her protection. Togeth- er the duo found adventure, intrigue, mystery and romance in the sultry settings of tropical Havana and the mysterious islands of the Caribbean.
51/03/26 1 Deadly Merchandise (aka Gun Runners) (A Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall series) 51/04/02 2 Kuan Yen Statue (aka Priceless Shanghai Statue) 51/04/09 3 Opium Smugglers and Young Girl (aka White Envelope, Six Crates Of Apples, Bills of Lading) 51/04/16 4 Johnny Rice Story (aka Thugs and Slugs aka A Bullet For Shannon) 51/04/23 5 Treasure on Flamingo Cay (aka Spanish Gold) 51/04/30 6 He Who Laughs Last (aka Dixon and Lane) 51/06/04 11 Blue Moon 51/06/11 12 Tears of Siva (aka Tears of Sheba) 51/07/30 19 Search For Tommy Reed (aka Looking for Tommy Reed) 51/09/10 25 Out of Control (aka Phyllis Calvert Murder) 51/09/17 26 Black Tie Affair (aka Slate's Tuxedo Pocket) 510924 - 27 - Murder In The Yucatan Peninsula.mp3 511008 - 29 - Slate Shannon Held For Ransom 51/11/19 35 Twelve Year Promise (aka Oil Wells) 51/12/03 37 Cruise To Batabano (aka Emilio Lopez Story) 51/12/10 38 Voodoo Vendetta (aka Alice Ramsey Kills Husband) 51/12/17 39 Tabard of Pizarro (aka Alice Markel Poisoning) 51/12/24 40 Escape From Guantanamo (aka Paul Brewer Story) 51/12/31 41 Crazy Old Carlos (aka Carlos And Juan Ruiz Story) 520121 - 44 - Background Shots Can Kill You.mp3 520128 - 45 - Revenge Equals Murder Times Two. 52/02/11 47 I'm Going To Die (aka Isle of Pines) 52/02/18 48 The One That Got Away (aka Matt Jeffrey Dies) 52/02/25 49 Man From Sumatra (aka Welcome back to Civilization) 52/03/03 50 The Big KO (aka Joe Ryan Shot) 52/03/10 51 Revenge Is Sweet (aka Joe Ralston) 52/03/17 52 Haven's Venezuelan Isle (aka Runaway Wife) 52/04/07 55 With Friends Like These (aka Death of Rudy Keijon) 52/04/14 56 Marriage And Murder (aka Sailor Duvall's Husband) 52/04/21 57 Mystery Of The Mary K 52/07/14 69 Slate's Stolen Identity xx/xx/xx Death At The Wedding (aka Frame-up) xx/xx/xx Russian Roulette ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Total 0 folder(s); 36 file(s) Total files size: 211 MB; 211444 KB; 216518885 Bytes ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^