Candy Matson, Yukon 28209

49/04/04 The Donna Dunham Case 49/07/07 2 The Cable Car Case - "Murder On A Cable Car". Sustaining. The man riding next to Candy on a cable car is silently shot to death. Helen Kleeb, Jack Cahill, Harry Bechtel 49/10/03 14 The Fort Ord Story 49/10/10 15 The Devil in the Deep Freeze - A restaurant owner asks Candy to get rid of a body in his meat refrigerator, and he's dressed like the devil! 49/11/07 19 The Devil in the Deep Freeze - new broadcast 49/12/19 25 Jack Frost - A "Santa's Helper" named Jack Frost has disappeared. This leads Candy to a Christmas murder. 49/12/26 26 Valley of the Moon - Candy solves a murder committed on a dude ranch. 50/01/02 27 NC9-8012 - Candy investigates a plane crash and is asked to certify the safety of an airport. 50/02/13 33 Eric Spaulding Concert 50/06/19 50 Symphony of Death - A composer is going to die, and there's no doubt about it. Natalie Masters. 50/09/11 60 The Movie Company - Candy finds a real body hanging among the props on a movie set. Natalie Masters. 50/10/23 62 The Egyptian Amulet - Candy solves a murder case involving a strange Egyptian amulet. 50/12/18 70 San Juan Batista - Candy and Lieutenant Mallard visit the old Mission at San Juan Bautista. They find the friendly Father Paulino and a dead body too! 51/05/21 91 Candy's Last Case - A double murder, a missing half million dollar diamond, and suspicion of Lt. Mallard's innocence can't keep Candy from marriage at the end of her career. 52/09/21 92 The Fortune Teller