Ceiling Unlimited

CEILING UNLIMITED started out as a wartime patriotic salute to aviation, in 15-minute shows. The first thirteen shows were written, directed, produced and hosted by Orson Welles and included Mercury Theater actors in the casts. Some to make appearances were Ray Collins, Joseph Cotten, Agnes Moorehead and Everett Sloane. The shows were dramatic pieces written to show aviation's use in the war effort.
42/12/14 6 War Workers aka Secret Agent 23 (Orson Welles, Hans Conried) 42/12/21 7 Gremlins (Orson Welles. Joseph Cotton, Agnes Moorehead) 42/12/28 8 Pan-American Airlines (Orson Welles) 43/02/01 13 The Future 43/12/19 53 Letter to an Unborn Son (Joseph Cotton, Agnes Moorehead, Hans Conried) 43/xx/xx The Rulers of the Earth 44/04/09 69 God's Corporals (Joseph Cotton, Agnes Moorehead, 44/04/30 72 Last Episode of the Series xx/xx/xx Dictators Meeting In Hell (Orson Welles plays the devil. Also Hans Conried)