Diamond Dramas

A series of mystery and drama from the 1940's, always with a theme that surrounded some aspect of the precious gem, always the stories of admiration, smuggling, and thievery and the evil deeds of those who wished to possess them.
45/02/04 The Diamond Studs 45/04/01 The Austrian Yellow Diamond 45/04/15 Diamond of Caesar Borgia 45/04/22 The Orloff Diamond 45/04/29 The Mad King of Bavaria 45/04/xx The Diamond Medallion 45/05/27 Highwayman's Diamond 45/06/03 The Eugenie Diamond 45/09/22 The Smuggler 45/10/16 I Still Have the Diamond 45/12/06 The Diamond Ransom 46/04/28 The Queen's Diamond Charm 46/06/18 Dreams of an Empire 46/12/29 The Blue Diamond 47/01/05 The Three Diamonds xx/04/26 The Great Mogul xx/xx/xx Caskets in Diamonds xx/xx/xx My Son xx/xx/xx The King's Astrologer xx/xx/xx The Kuhinoor Diamond xx/xx/xx The Little Gift xx/xx/xx The Mighty Akbar xx/xx/xx The Miniature Diamond xx/xx/xx The Pitt Diamond xx/xx/xx The Sancey Diamond xx/xx/xx The Yellow Eye