Dimension X

DIMENSION X was first heard over NBC on Apr. 8, 1950 and ran until Sept. of 1951. Although not the first adult science fiction radio series, DIMENSION X is remembered because of the quality of the shows. Some of the writers whose works were dramatized were Ray Bradbury, Robert Block, Robert A. Heinlein, Isaac Asimov and Kurt Vonnegut. These stories were adapted for radio by in-house script writer George Lefferts. Cast regulars were Joe Desantos, Wendell Holmes, Santos Ortega, Joseph Julian, Jan Minor, Roger Decovan, John Gibson, Ralph Bell, and many others. The narrator was Norman Rose. It was one of the first shows to be recorded on tape. This was so new that one show, "Mars is Heaven", had to be re-recorded 3 times because the engineer kept erasing the tape while editing it. Many of the scripts for DIMENSION X were used in its successor, X MINUS ONE, which ran Apr. 24, 1955 through Jan. 9, 1958.
50/04/08 1 The Outer Limit by Graham Doar 50/04/15 2 With Folded Hands by Jack Williamson 50/04/22 3 Report on the Barnhouse Effect by Kurt Vonnegut 50/04/29 4 No Contact by George Lefferts 50/05/06 5 Knock by Frederic Brown 50/05/13 6 Almost Human by Robert Bloch 50/05/20 7 The Lost Race by Murray Leinster 50/05/27 8 To the Future by Ray Bradbury 50/06/03 9 The Embassy by Donald Wollheim 50/06/10 10 The Green Hills of Earth by Robert Heinlein 50/06/17 11 There Will Come Soft Rains-Zero Hour by Ray Bradbury 50/06/24 12 Destination Moon by George Pal and Robert Heinlein 50/07/01 13 A Logic Named Joe by Murray Leinster 50/07/07 14 Mars Is Heaven by Ray Bradbury 50/07/14 15 The Man in the Moon by George Lefferts 50/07/21 16 Beyond Infinity by Villiers Gersen 50/07/28 17 Potters of Firsk by Jack Vance 50/08/04 18 Perigi's Wonderful Dolls by George Lefferts 50/08/11 19 The Castaways by Ernest Kinoy 50/08/18 20 The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury 50/08/25 21 The Parade by George Lefferts 50/09/01 22 The Roads Must Roll by Robert Heinlein 50/09/08 23 First Contact(Rebroadcast of 50-04-08) by Graham Doar 50/09/15 24 Hello Tomorrow by George Lefferts 50/09/22 25 Dr Grimshaw's Sanatorium by Fletcher Pratt 50/09/29 26 And the Moon Be Still as Bright by Ray Bradbury 50/10/28 27 No Contact by George Lefferts (Remake of 50-04-29) 50/11/05 28 The Professor Was a Thief by L. Ron Hubbard 50/11/12 29 Shanghied by Ernest Kinoy 50/11/19 30 Competition by E. M. Hull 50/11/26 31 Universe by Robert Heinlein 50/12/24 32 The Green Hills of Earth by Robert Heinlein (Rebroadcast of 50-06-10) 51/01/07 33 Mars Is Heaven by Ray Bradbury 51/01/14 34 The Martian Death March by Ernest Kinoy 51/06/03 35 The Last Objective by Paul Carter 51/06/10 36 Nightmare by George Lefferts 51/06/17 37 A Pebble in the Sky by Isaac Asimov 51/06/24 38 Child's Play by William Tenn 51/07/12 39 Time and Time Again by H. Beam Piper 51/07/19 40 The Dwellers in Silence by Ray Bradbury 51/07/26 41 Courtesy by Cliffird Simak 51/08/02 42 Universe by Robert Heinlein (Rebroadcast of 50-11-26) 51/08/09 43 The Veldt by Ray Bradbury 51/08/16 44 The Vital Factor by Nelson Bond 51/08/23 45 Untitled Story by Frank M. Robinson 51/08/30 46 Marionettes, Inc by Ray Bradbury 51/09/08 47 First Contact by Murray Leinster 51/09/15 48 Kaleidoscope by Ray Bradbury 51/09/22 49 Requiem by Robert Heinlein 51/09/29 50 Nightfall by Isaac Asimov (Final show)