The Eleventh Hour Collection

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xx/xx/xx 8 A Curious Confession - An interesting story of a man who got away with murder by confessing to it! xx/xx/xx 9 Tavern Of Lost Souls - A good story of a highwayman with a sense of honor. xx/xx/xx11 The Double aka The Imposter - A mysterious financier hires a double to go on vacation for him...for an ulterior motive. xx/xx/xx23 The Good Is Oft Interred aka Blackmail And Love - An interesting story of a foul blackmailer who surprisingly does the ultimate good deed. xx/xx/xx Bad Day For Big Ben - Suddenly, everything is going wrong...and for good reason! xx/xx/xx Ghost Town - A well written story of three desperadoes and a ghost that's a deadly shot in the dark. xx/xx/xx Incident At Twin Falls - A good story about thirteen poisoned dogs and their strange killer. xx/xx/xx Invitation To Death - A doctor traps his brother's 4 friends in his apartment, poisons them, and awaits a confession while they slowly die. xx/xx/xx Jewel Robbery xx/xx/xx John Strange xx/xx/xx One Hour To Midnight - An intolerable actor, hated by all has been receiving threatening phone calls...but from whom? xx/xx/xx Pallette Knife - A lonely woman be-friends a starving artist, much to her family's displeasure. xx/xx/xx The Three Wives Of Mickey Danvers - An evening with one's wife.. and one's two ex-wives! xx/xx/xx The Tomb - A safe cracker and his unwilling accomplice are trapped inside a vault while robbing it. The Eleventh Hour - A Country Road The Eleventh Hour - Black Magic The Eleventh Hour - Cast A Giant Shadow The Eleventh Hour - Echo of a Savage The Eleventh Hour - Not All Ship-Shape The Eleventh Hour - Only Too Safe The Eleventh Hour - The Actor The Eleventh Hour - The Agent The Eleventh Hour - The Ghost on Chertain's Corner The Eleventh Hour - The President's Lady The Eleventh Hour - The Seven Steps to Death The Eleventh Hour - The Woman in Case ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Total 0 folder(s); 27 file(s) Total files size: 158 MB; 157848 KB; 161636076 Bytes ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^