Epic Casebook

67/12/08 No Holds Barred 69/10/02 Murder In The Bag 69/12/04 Death Is The Victor 69/12/11 Death On The Counterfoil 70/03/19 419 The Waters Of Death xx/xx/xx 409 The Threads Of Death xx/xx/xx 412 The Final Chapter xx/xx/xx 413 Death Among The Sleepers xx/xx/xx 415 Rapture Of Death xx/xx/xx 417 Grand Prix Is Death xx/xx/xx 422 The Clue That Never Was xx/xx/xx Conjurer's Illusion xx/xx/xx Consignment For Death xx/xx/xx Death In The Wife's Name xx/xx/xx Death Is No Accident xx/xx/xx Death Must Know xx/xx/xx Gates To Death xx/xx/xx Murder By Assignment xx/xx/xx Murder Of Brave xx/xx/xx Switch On For Death