The Fat Man

"There he goes across the street into the drugstore, steps on the scale, height: 6 feet, weight: 290 pounds, fortune: Danger. Who is it? THE FAT MAN." Brad Runyon was the Fat Man, played by Jack Scott Smart. The series was created by Dashall Hammitt and was first heard on the ABC network Jan. 21, 1946. Smart also appeared in The March Of Time (early 1930s), the Theater Guild On The Air, Blondie, The Fred Allen Show, and The Jack Benny Program. There was also an version made in Australia, syndicated on the Artansa lable, about 1954. There are at least 36 shows available from vendors. The Australian Fat Man was played possibly by Lloyd Berrell. Although not featuring J. Scott Smart, who really fit the part, the series is quite good.
46/01/21 1 The 19th Pearl 46/02/xx 998 Twice Told Secret (Next Week = 'A Shot in the Dark') 46/07/08 25 The Black Angel 46/09/09 34 The Crooked Horse 47/10/03 90 A Window For Murder 47/xx/xx 998 Murder Plays Hide and Seek (Next week = 'Murder Finds the Decoy') 48/04/09 117 Murder Rents A Flat 49/04/01 168 Murder Wins The Draw (exciting chase to Yucatan & Guatemala City) 49/07/22 184 Murder is the Medium (seance at which dead husband appears & demands Five Hundred Dollars) 51/01/17 252 The Nightmare Murder 51/09/05 285 Order for Murder (Australian) 45/12/01 3 Murder Sends A Christmas Card xx/xx/xx 1 Murder Squares The Triangle xx/xx/xx 2 Murder Plays The Horses xx/xx/xx 4 Murder Runs A Want Ad xx/xx/xx 5 Murder Wears A False Face xx/xx/xx 6 Murder Stalks The Dead xx/xx/xx 11 Murder Through A Crystal xx/xx/xx 12 Murder Makes A Ham xx/xx/xx 15 Murder and The Peacock xx/xx/xx 16 Murder and The Undertaker xx/xx/xx 17 Murder Seeks a Lost Penny xx/xx/xx 18 Murder Makes a Statue xx/xx/xx 21 Murder Rings A Bell xx/xx/xx 22 Murder Repeats Itself xx/xx/xx 23 Murder Rides A Wheelchair xx/xx/xx 24 Murder Finds A Coffin xx/xx/xx 25 Murder For Sale xx/xx/xx 26 Murder By Mail xx/xx/xx 29 Murder Shows An Unfamiliar Face xx/xx/xx 30 Murder Makes a Kings Coffin xx/xx/xx 33 Murder Makes a Black Moon xx/xx/xx 34 Murder Shows A Phantom Face xx/xx/xx 35 Murder Makes a Silent Partner xx/xx/xx 36 Murder Makes Music xx/xx/xx 37 Murder Writes A Story xx/xx/xx 38 Murder Meets an Uncertain Lady xx/xx/xx 40 Murder Makes a Pay Off xx/xx/xx 45 Murder In The Dark xx/xx/xx 46 Murder Shows Eyes In The Dark xx/xx/xx 47 Murder Makes a Broken Heart xx/xx/xx 48 Murder Pays Dividends xx/xx/xx 49 Murder Appears Out Of The Past xx/xx/xx 50 Murder Made Stylish xx/xx/xx 51 Murder Takes A Picture xx/xx/xx 52 Murder is Forecast