Federal Agent

47/xx/xx 21 Sabatoge In Canada - A train carrying valuable furs is dynamited in rural Canada. The Mounties use "Speed" as an undercover agent. 47/xx/xx 22 Nick Scauno - Nick Sarno is up for parole, and it's granted despite the objections of the Feds. Sarno's enemies are wiped out in a gangland massacre, even though Sarno is in France! 47/xx/xx 23 Henry Benton 47/xx/xx 24 Tim Conroy 47/xx/xx 25 Stolen Masterpiece - The French Surete finds a stolen Titian missing from the Louvre. 47/xx/xx 26 English Harry - "English Harry" and his moll are brought to an end by the forces of the law. 47/xx/xx 35 Chinatown 47/xx/xx 36 Weight And Measure 47/xx/xx A Killing In London