The Fifth Horseman

THE FIFTH HORSEMAN was a short series of eight shows produced to convince the American public to accept a plan to put all nuclear weapons under United Nations control. Produced by Public Service, this piece of early Cold War propaganda dramatized the argument that we could not win a nuclear conflict, by portraying the horrors of life after a nuclear holocaust. If you find this series interesting, you may want to try a one-hour Civil Defense special, called "TOMORROW", narrated by Orsen Welles. An interesting piece of 1950's cold war propaganda, this show takes up where THE FIFTH HORSEMAN leaves off, mentioning that the United States didn't take the actions defined in the 1946 series.
46/07/04 1 Rehearsal (Henry Fonda) 46/07/11 2 Dawn (William Bendix) 46/07/18 3 The Promise (Glenn Ford) 46/07/25 4 Crisis (Robert Young) 46/08/01 5 Zero Minus One (George Coulouris) 46/08/08 6 Doomsday (Dane Clark) 46/08/15 7 Aftermath (J. Carrol Naish) 46/08/22 8 Memo to Mankind (Charles Bickford)