Four For The Fifth

44/06/xx 2 High Command - A drama/documentary about the plans of Germany to win the next war in 1969! The date is approximate. Paul Lukas, Erich Von Stroheim, William N. Robson (writer, producer, director) 44/06/xx 3 The Laughter - Fred MacMurray, Bea Benaderet, Mercedes McCambridge, Lou Merrill, Verna Felton, Gloria Blondell, Frank Graham, Frank Martin, Norman Field, Ken Christy, Joseph Granky, Cathy Lewis, Arch Oboler (writer, producer, director) 44/06/xx 4 E-Day - James Newell sings "The United Nations On The March" by Shostakovich. Barry Wood also sings. The date is approximate. William N. Robson (writer, director), Conrad Nagel, Frank Lovejoy, Jackson Beck, Arch Oboler (producer), James Newell, Dimitri Shostakovich (composer), Barry Wood. 1/2 hour. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.