38/xx/xx 1 Baron Frankenstein Finds The Ship Voyager 38/xx/xx 2 Bringing The Monster To Life 38/xx/xx 3 The Monster Lives! 38/xx/xx 4 The Monster Returns After 12 Months 38/xx/xx 5 The Monster Kills William 38/xx/xx 6 The Baron Vows To Kill The Monster 38/xx/xx 7 The Baron Talks To The Monster 38/xx/xx 8 The Baron Builds A Second Monster 38/xx/xx 9 The Monster Kills Ernst 38/xx/xx 10 The Monster Kills The Baron's Wife 38/xx/xx 11 The Baron Is Forced To Leave His Village 38/xx/xx 12 The Baron Wants To Leave The Ship 38/xx/xx 13 The Baron Dies