Grand Central Station

45/03/21 Grandpa Crashes Through - Grandpa Gleason is a strange, outspoken visitor to the Grand Central Art Galleries. Parker Fennelly, Charles Holden (writer), Alexander Scourby (narrator), Jane Carter, John Archer, Nicholas Joy, Riza Royce. 45/12/01 Larkspur to Feed the Soul - "A love story for stagestruck souls who, at one time or another, been intoxicated by the heady perfume of the theatre." 46/08/24 Moon Blind - A country boy leaves the girl who loves him to find success in the big city. When the girl marries another guy, the boy decides to begin a life of crime. A syrupy love story that absolutely requires a great organist (which it has). Kathryn Bard, Donald Buka, James Monks, George Matthews. 49/09/18 Too Young To Understand - 49/12/24 Miracle for Christmas - Jay Bennett (writer), Mason Adams, Gilbert Mack, 51/08/18 If the Shoe Doesn't Fit - A young tap dancer tries to fill his father's shoes... literally, even though the old man was a "heel." William Redfield.