Great Scenes From Great Plays

(A Radio Play) - Critic's Choice - 48xxxx - Streetcar Named Desire {abridged} (Brando, Tandy, Hunter, Malden, Kazan) 48/11/05 6 Little Women (Joan Cawfield) 48/12/17 12 Young Mr Lincoln (Henry Fonda) 48/12/31 14 You and I (Peggy Wood, Otto Krugar) 49/01/14 16 The Farmer Takes a Wife (Eddie Albert, Margo) 49/01/21 17 Icebound - A drama of love and family hate "down East" in New England. Walter Hampden (host), Cornel Wilde. 49/01/28 18 The Goose Hangs High (Walter Abel) 49/02/04 19 The World We Made - A woman escapes from an insane asylum and finds she has the strength to face the world. Sidney Kingsley (author), Walter Hampden (host), Jessica Tandy, Les Tremayne. 49/02/11 20 Dead End - Juvenile delinquency in the slums of New York. One of the boys almost gets a second chance. Sidney Kingsley (author), Walter Hampden (host), John Payne. 49/02/18 21 A Dolls House (Ingrid Bergman, Brian Aherne) 49/02/25 22 Lady with a Lamp (Madelienne Carrol)