Hearthstone of the Death Squad

51/08/30 1 The Unheeded Warning Murder Case - 8697. Hearthstone Of The Death Squad. August 30, 1951. CBS net. "The Unheeded Warning Murder Case". Sustaining. The first show of the series. Narcotics and murders all over the place. Frank Hummert (writer), Art Hannes (announcer), Ronald Long, Florence Williams, Alfred Shirley, Henry Howard (director). 29:01. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete. 51/12/13 16 Marriage Annulment Murder Case - 10721. Hearthstone Of The Death Squad. December 13, 1951. CBS net. "The Marriage Anullment Murder Case". Sustaining. A young wife and an old husband think their marriage should end in court, but it ends in the morgue. Harry Cramer (announcer), Alfred Shirley, Frank Hummert (writer), Peter Capell, Peggy Sanford, Henry Howard (director). 29:35. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete. 52/01/10 20 Terrifying Letter Murder Case - 8698. Hearthstone Of The Death Squad. January 10, 1952. CBS net. "The Terrifying Letter Murder Case". Sustaining. A pretty public stenographer (secretly a missing heiress) is found murdered, along with the body of the trigger man who did the job. Alfred Shirley, Frank Hummert (producer), Harry Cramer (announcer), Henry Howard (director). 30:20. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.