Hello Americans

After Orson Welles' return from a film making trip to South America, he hosted this series with co-star Carmen Miranda for CBS. The series, created under the auspices of the CIA, presented dramas about South America for a US audience. The first show was a tour of Brazil and was followed by shows about the heroes and culture of South American countries.
42/11/15 1 Brazil - (Orson Welles, Gerald Mohr, Edmond O'Brien) 42/11/22 2 Andes - (Orson Welles) 42/11/29 3 The Islands - (Orson Welles, Ray Collins, Hans Conried) 42/12/06 4 Alphabet 'A to C' - (Orson Welles, Hans Conried, Agnes Moorehead, Ray Collins) 42/12/13 5 Alphabet 'C to S' - (Orson Welles, Hans Conried, Agnes Moorehead, Ray Collins) 42/12/20 6 Abednego - (Orson Welles,Gerald Mohr, Ted Reid) 42/12/27 7 The Bad Will Ambassador - (Orson Welles, Hans Conried) 43/01/03 Latin Music (Special Program) - (Miguelito Valdez, Sir Lancelot) 43/01/10 8 Mexico - (Orson Welles, Agnes Moorehead, Ray Collins) 43/01/17 9 Feed The World - (Orson Welles, Frank Readick, Eddie Jerome) 43/01/24 Ritmos de las Americas (Special Program) - (Orson Welles, Carlos Romariz, Migualito Lopez) 43/01/31 10 Bolivar's Idea - (Orson Welles, Ray Collins)