Hollywood Star Playhouse

50/06/19 9 Venom - A hunter and deadlier-than-the-male lady battle in the jungle, eventually finding love. A good story! Dorothy McGuire tells about her appearance on next week's program. Cornel Wilde, Lurene Tuttle. 50/10/09 25 Of Night and the River - A good suspense yarn about a gangster being fitted with concrete overshoes trying to escape his fate at the hands of the rest of the gang. Hans Conried, Joseph Cotten. 51/01/29 41 Later Than You Think 51/07/09 64 Knee High to a Corpse - The story of "Inch," a small crook who gets a very large revenge. Frank Lovejoy appears in a preview of next week's program. Mickey Rooney, William Conrad, Sandra Gould. 51/07/26 66 I'm a Coward - A librarian attempts to capture, "The Omaha Ripper." Tony Michaels, Harry Bartell, MacDonald Carey, Barbara Stanwyck. 51/08/16 69 An Obit for Joe - A reporter investigates his last murder. Barry Sullivan, Sheldon Leonard, Theodore Von Eltz, Will Wright. 51/09/20 74 Hour of Truth - An affair of honor, as an older man fights his last bull. Robert Griffin, Gerald Mohr, Harry Bartell, Vincent Price. 52/01/10 90 The Frontier - Dramatic story about a couple and their baby and their desperate flight for freedom. Good surprise ending! Claire Trevor, Virginia Gregg, Frank Gerstle, Steve Geray, William Conrad, Harry Bartell, Paul Frees. 52/04/13 99 The Six Shooter - The first adventure of Britt Ponset, which would lead to a series named "The Six-Shooter." The Wells Fargo office has been robbed of $5000 and a man has been shot. A distinctive horseshoe leads "The Six-Shooter" to Ben Schofield, the sheriff's son. Bert Holland, Parley Baer, William Conrad, Herb Vigran, Diana Lynn, Jimmy Stewart. 52/04/27 101 Nor Gloom of Night 52/05/18 104 Safari - Another feuding couple on safari in East Africa. This time, we're after a rogue elephant. Joan Banks, Paul Frees, Ray Milland (narrator), Robert Libbott (writer), Wendell Niles (announcer), William Conrad. 52/09/07 120 The Tenth Planet - A man's brother has been taken to another planet, to help the Earth recover after its invasion and conquest. Joseph Cotten, Wendell Niles (announcer), Hans Conried, Joan Banks, Peter Leeds. 52/11/02 128 The Big One - A carnival mentalist is offered $50,000 to read the mind of a dying woman. This is finally the big one, a $7,000,000 swindle! Robert Griffin, Byron Kane.