Hollywood Star Theater

48/12/04 A Love to Remember - A melodrama about a triangle that develops when a man, thinking he's dying, breaks off his engagement. His sweetheart then marries his best friend. Joan Bennett introduces the story but does not appear in it. Jimmy Lydon, Frank Lovejoy, Jeanne Bates. 48/12/18 Fogbound - A romance set in San Francisco. A beautiful and wealthy girl from Nob Hill falls for a bitter piano player in a bar. Helena Carter admits that this is her first time before a microphone and before an audience. Helena Carter, Jack Webb, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. (host). 49/09/10 Promise of Murder - A woman marries her childhood sweetheart, who always was insanely jealous and now threatens to kill her. After the story, Margaret O'Brien interviews Rita Lynn. The final announcement and the system cue after the cast credits has been deleted. Jeff Chandler (billed as Ira Grosel), David Ellis, Margaret O'Brien (host). xx/xx/xx Sacrificial Lamb