Hollywood Star Time

46/01/27 4 A Tree Grows in Brooklyn - The first radio production of the warm story about a young girl growing up in poverty, and of her beloved father. Well done! Peggy Ann Garner, James Dunn 46/02/03 5 Shock - A good story about a murdering doctor who keeps the only witness to his crime in a coma. Vincent Price, Lynn Bari. 46/02/17 7 The Mark of Zorro - Cornel Wilde, Joseph Kearns, Lurene Tuttle, Gale Gordon. 46/03/10 10 The Return of Frank James - Henry Fonda, Wendell Niles (announcer), Burl Ives (ballad singer), Lurene Tuttle, Ernest Whitman, Joseph Kearns. 46/03/17 11 Cafe Metropole - Cesar Romero, Gregory Ratoff, Wendell Niles (announcer), John Brown. 46/04/07 14 Hangover Square - A man loves too well and goes completely insane when his love is not returned. Vincent Price. 46/04/21 16 Song of Bernadette - 46/05/05 18 The House on 92nd Street - Lloyd Nolan, Signe Hasso. 46/05/12 19 Riders of the Purple Sage - 46/05/19 20 The Lodger - The case of the mysterious Jack the Ripper. Vincent Price. 46/05/26 21 The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo - Romance-comedy about a British cab driver who becomes fabulously wealthy in the casino at Monte Carlo. Rex Harrison's first radio appearance in America. Lurene Tuttle is billed as "Hollywood's First Lady Of Radio." 46/06/02 22 Second Honeymoon - Comedy about a romance set in Miami between a man and his former wife! Adrienne Marden, Ken Christy, Lynn Bari, Mary Jane Croft 46/06/08 1 Murder, My Sweet - Dick Powell's famous first transition from crooner to tough detective. Lurene Tuttle, Martha Wentworth, Mary Astor, Mike Mazurki. 46/06/15 2 Morning Glory - The rise of Eva Lovelace and her place on the Broadway stage. Ben Alexander, David Ellis, Lurene Tuttle, Olivia De Havilland, Reed Hadley. 46/06/22 3 Double Indemnity - An insurance man plans a man's murder so his widow can collect double indemnity. Alan Ladd, Lurene Tuttle. 46/06/29 4 It Happened Tomorrow - The enjoyable story about the reporter who is given copies of tomorrow's newspaper. Robert Young. 46/09/28 17 The Most Dangerous Game 46/12/14 28 Mad About Music 47/01/10 32 It's a Date 47/01/24 34 Elmer, the Great - The story of a great baseball pitcher from Indiana, and his success with the Yankees. Herbert Marshall (host), Ring Lardner (author), Harold Peary. 47/02/14 37 Talk of the Town xx/xx/xx The Woman in the Window