The House Of Mystery

The House of Mystery was a ghost chasing type of story with a story teller who called himself Roger Elliott. The first sounds heard were the spooky organ music welcoming the audience, primarily children. There were two children in attend- ance and the host would address his remarks to them and tell his story. Each show was a dramatization of HIS personal experiences as a ghost chaser and ghost buster. These were not terrifying or frightening stories but were intended to amuse the kids and keep them buying Post Toasties, the sponsor. This kids show began as a daily 15 minute broadcast early in 1945 running for several months. Then beginning in Sep 1945 it ran for two more seasons, with breaks for the summer, in a thirty minute format. A very rare program, since there are less than a handful in circulation.
45/05/08 Monster in the Lake (Part 2) 45/10/27 The Ghost Who Forgot Halloween 46/07/21 The Singapore Exile Murder 47/08/03 A Gift from the Dead xx/xx/xx Bat Boy