I Deal in Crime

46/01/21 1 Laura Shields Case - Possibly the first show of the series. William Gargan as detective Ross Dolan. Laura Shields hires Dolan to be her bodyguard. He finds plenty of murder. Dresser Dahlstead (announcer), Leonard Reeg (director), Skitch Henderson (composer, conductor), Ted Hediger (director), William Gargan. 29:31. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete. 46/04/15 13 The William A Davis Case - William A. Davis ("If You Please") hires Ross Dolan to find his missing daughter. The story has some nice plot twists, but Ross Dolan is just too tough to believe. William Gargan, Skitch Henderson (composer, conductor), William Conrad. 47/09/27 89 The Abigail Murray Case - Ross Dolan is hired by Miss Abigail Murray to drive her around town. She's received a letter that says she'll be murdered tonight. A good murder mystery with lots of gunplay, dead bodies and conks on the head.