Listener"s Playhouse

_____________________________________ 40/06/29 1 The Twenty First Girl - Paul Bunyon seems to be lonely and wants to fall in love and get married! Johnny Inkslinger to the rescue! A creative show, patterned after The Columbia Workshop. The first show of the series. 40/07/06 2 The Rebellion of Emory Simms - Emory Simms dreams of glory, in the tradition of Walter Mitty. The program makes good use of original music. 40/07/13 3 No Program Tonight, or the Director's Dilemma - The cast of a radio show rebels against the terrible script...while the show is on the air! Announced as the third show of the series. A good example of a radio show within a show. 40/12/14 25 Baby - A show business story about a singer on her way to the top, but who isn't very nice to those who help her get there. 40/12/21 26 Christmas Eve at Crumps - Excellent story about a tight old codger and a little girl who spends the evening with him. Good radio! 40/12/28 27 The Sire De Maletroit's Door - A trick door and an affair of honor in Normandy, 1490. Ranald MacDougall (adaptor), Robert Louis Stevenson (author). _____________________________________