The Lives Of Harry Lime

_____________________________________ THE LIVES OF HARRY LIME was the radio follow-up to the movie THE THIRD MAN, a black and white classic 1949 film by screenwriter Graham Greene. Harry Lime, in the movie, is a manipulative black market drug dealer. In the radio series, his role is expanded to con-artist extrodinaire, who tackles almost anything illegal, with someone else always getting caught. The movie accentuated Lime's black side and the viewer feels little sympathy at his demise. The radio version of Harry Lime portrays him in a lighter touch. You know he's bad but you can't help liking him. The radio series was produced for in London by Harry Alan Towers (Towers of London) and syndicated in the US. It also aired over the BBC Light Programme. A series of eight shows aired from August 3, 1951 through September 21, 1952. Another series of eight shows aired from July 3, 1952 through August 21, 1952, again on the Light Programme. It is not known if these were eight new shows or repeats. Orson Welles played both the movie and the radio Harry Lime. The radio shows opened with the sound of a gunshot and this Welles monologue: "That was the shot that killed Harry Lime. He died in a sewer beneath Vienna, as those of you know who saw the movie, 'The Third Man'. Yes, that was the end of Harry Lime but not the beginning. Harry Lime had many lives and I can recount all of them. How do I know? Very simple, because my name is Harry Lime." The haunting theme music in both the film and radio series was per- formed by Anton Karas on an unaccompanied zither. 51/08/03 1 Too Many Crooks - (An Orson Welles series) 51/08/10 2 See Naples and Live 51/08/17 3 Clay Pidgeon 51/08/24 4 Ticket to Tangier 51/08/31 5 Voodoo 51/09/07 6 Bohemian Star 51/09/14 7 Love Affair 51/09/21 8 Rogue's Holiday 51/09/28 9 Work of Art 51/10/05 10 Operation Music Box 51/10/12 11 Golden Fleece 51/10/19 12 Blue Bride 51/10/26 13 Every Frame Has a Silver Lining 51/11/02 14 Mexican Hat Trick 51/11/09 15 Art Is Long and Lime Is Fleeting 51/11/16 16 In Pursuit of a Ghost 51/11/23 17 Horse Play 51/11/30 18 3 Farthings for Your Thoughts 51/12/07 19 The Third Woman 51/12/14 20 An Old Morrish Custom 51/12/21 21 It's a Knockout 51/12/28 22 Two Is Company 52/01/04 23 Cherchez La Gem 52/01/11 24 Hand of Glory 52/01/18 25 Double Double Cross 52/01/25 26 5000 Pengoes and a Kiss 52/02/01 27 Dark Enchantress 52/02/08 28 Earl on Troubled Waters 52/02/15 29 Dead Candidate 52/02/22 30 It's in the Bag 52/02/29 31 Hyacinth Patrol 52/03/07 32 Turnabout Is Foul Play 52/03/14 33 Violets, Sweet Violets 52/03/21 34 Faith, Lime, and Charity 52/03/28 35 Pleasure Before Business 52/04/04 36 Fool's Gold 52/04/11 37 Man of Mystery 52/04/18 38 The Painted Smile 52/04/25 39 Harry Joins the Circus 52/05/02 40 Suzie's Cue 52/05/09 41 Vive Le Chance 52/05/16 42 Elusive Vermeer 52/05/23 43 Murder on the Riviera 52/05/30 44 Pearls of Bohemia 52/06/06 45 A Night in a Harem 52/06/13 46 Blackmail Is a Nasty Word 52/06/20 47 The Professor Regrets 52/06/27 48 The Hard Way 52/07/04 49 Paris Is Not the Same 52/07/11 50 Honeymoon 52/07/18 51 The Blue Caribou 52/07/25 52 Greek Meets Greek (BBC) xx/xx/xx Art Collection - (An Orson Welles series) xx/xx/xx Business in Tangiers xx/xx/xx Coins xx/xx/xx Contraband xx/xx/xx Counterfeit xx/xx/xx Double Cross in Oil xx/xx/xx El Ciqina xx/xx/xx Espionage xx/xx/xx General Valdez xx/xx/xx Gold xx/xx/xx Kidnapped xx/xx/xx Matched Pearls xx/xx/xx Music Box Murders xx/xx/xx Nazi Loot xx/xx/xx Opium xx/xx/xx Parachute Drop xx/xx/xx Return to New York xx/xx/xx Slow Boat to China xx/xx/xx Smugglers xx/xx/xx The Boxer xx/xx/xx The Clown xx/xx/xx The Emerald Affair xx/xx/xx The Reward xx/xx/xx The Spy xx/xx/xx The Swindle _____________________________________