Luke Slaughter of Tombstone

_____________________________________ This short-lived western of only 16 shows appeared on CBS early in 1958, starring Sam Buffington as Luke Slughter. William N. Robson, known from his work with such series as ESCAPE, SUSPENSE and THE CBS RADIO WORKSHOP, directed. Luke is a cattle ranch owner in the old west, a tough but honest man. Like the other CBS radio westerns, HAVE GUN, WILL TRAVEL or FRONTIER GENTLEMAN, this one had plenty of action, the productions were well done and well acted. LUKE SLAUGHTER was cut short, like a lot of other radio shows, by the steady pressure from TV. 58/02/23 1 Duel on the Trail 58/03/02 2 Tracks out of Tombstone border=0> 58/03/09 3 Yancey's Pride 58/03/16 4 Page's Progress 58/03/23 5 The Homesteaders 58/04/13 7 Wagon Train 58/04/20 8 The Henry Fell Story 58/04/27 9 Death Watch 58/05/04 10 Worth Its Salt 58/05/11 11 Heritage 58/05/18 12 Drive to Fort Huachuca 58/05/28 13 Outlaw Kid 58/06/01 14 Cattle Drive 58/06/08 15 Big Bisiness 58/06/15 16 June Bride _____________________________________