_____________________________________ MACABRE was a series of eight tales of the supernatural produced by the Tokyo studios of the Far East Network of Armed Forces Radio Service. Principals in the MACABRE series were producer/director/ writer/star William Verdier and John F. Buey Jr. Mr. Buey was program director at FEN Tokyo since 1946 and its inception. He came into government service from the old Yankee Radio Network on the East Coast. Nothing is known at this time about the background of Mr. Verdier. FEN Tokyo sent AFRTS Los Angeles a set of 15 i.p.s. tapes, from which the disks were mastered, as an unofficial competition with one or more ongoing productions at Armed Forces Network in Germany (AFN). FEN also produced TERROR, and at least one of Frank Bresee's THE GOLDEN DAYS OF RADIO (a 25th anniversary salute to FEN). The scripts and overall productions of the series were quite good. However, the cast was the same for the entire series and their range of talents did not always match the requirements of the scripts. While not the best of the genre, the series is still an interesting listen. 61/11/13 1 Final Resting Place 61/11/20 2 Weekend 61/11/27 3 The Man in the Mirror 61/12/04 4 The House in the Garden 61/12/11 5 The Midnight Horseman 61/12/18 6 The Avenger 62/01/01 7 The Crystalline Man 62/01/08 8 The Edge of Evil _____________________________________