The Magic Island

_____________________________________ MAGIC ISLAND was a syndicated serial that first aired sometime in 1936 and consisted of one hundred thirty 12-minute episodes. The story line dealt with a wealthy woman and her search for her long lost daughter. She finds her on a man-made island that can submerge to avoid detection. The series was targeted for a juvenile audience and small children are the main focus of the story line. 36/xx/xx 1 Jerry Hall's Proposal 36/xx/xx 2 Leaving LA for Magic Island 36/xx/xx 3 Strange Windstorm 36/xx/xx 4 Strange Bank of Fog 36/xx/xx 5 Tex Bradford Prepares His Straightoscope 36/xx/xx 6 Island in the Viewer 36/xx/xx 7 Pulled by a Magnetic Force 36/xx/xx 8 Joan Is Found on Euclidia 36/xx/xx 9 G47 Uses His Ray Gun 36/xx/xx 10 False Radio Message 36/xx/xx 11 Island Secrets 36/xx/xx 12 Last Radio Message from Magic Island 36/xx/xx 13 Joan Stays on the Yacht 36/xx/xx 14 The Cloth Factory on the Island 36/xx/xx 15 Staged Escape Attempt 36/xx/xx 16 Soundproof Seaweed Cloth 36/xx/xx 17 Homing Pigeon 36/xx/xx 18 Pigeons Released 36/xx/xx 19 The Secret Formula 36/xx/xx 20 G47 Has the Pigeon & Formula 36/xx/xx 21 A Different Formula 36/xx/xx 22 Trapped in an Elevator 36/xx/xx 23 Elevator Escape 36/xx/xx 24 Stolen Oxygen Tank 36/xx/xx 25 Battleships Approach 36/xx/xx 26 Magic Island Prepares to Submerge 36/xx/xx 27 Radio Signals Within the Island 36/xx/xx 28 Joan & Jerry Board the Sub 36/xx/xx 29 A Woman Commander 36/xx/xx 30 Message to Johnson 36/xx/xx 31 Joan & Jerry Ray Gunned 36/xx/xx 32 Submarine Heads for Johnson's Ship 36/xx/xx 33 Submarine Surfaces to Meet Johnson's Ship 36/xx/xx 34 Johnson Speeds Away 36/xx/xx 35 Tex Contacts Johnson 36/xx/xx 36 Johnson's Ship Runs out of Fuel 36/xx/xx 37 Gregory's Yacht Is Pulled out into the Light 36/xx/xx 38 Commander Talks To Johnson 36/xx/xx 39 Everyone Arrives 36/xx/xx 40 McLeod Poses as Johnson 36/xx/xx 41 Help from the Sub Commander 36/xx/xx 42 The Gas Is Released 36/xx/xx 43 Jerry & Joan Escape 36/xx/xx 44 Transferring Oil 36/xx/xx 45 Escape Attempt Tonight 36/xx/xx 46 Power Shutdown Plan 36/xx/xx 47 Joan Fires at Jerry 36/xx/xx 48 Escape from Guard 36/xx/xx 49 Ready to Throw Switches 36/xx/xx 50 The Alarm Sound 36/xx/xx 51 Swim for the Boat 36/xx/xx 52 Island Sinks & a Successful Escape 36/xx/xx 53 Lighted Buoys Mark the Route 36/xx/xx 54 Out of Fuel 36/xx/xx 55 Sub Catches Up 36/xx/xx 56 Sub Tows the Yacht Back to Magic Island 36/xx/xx 57 Two Guards Knocked Out 36/xx/xx 58 In a Chamber 90 Feet Underwater 36/xx/xx 59 Island Gets Ready to Move 36/xx/xx 60 Chamber Filling with Water 36/xx/xx 61 Tex Is Ray Gunned 36/xx/xx 62 Safe for Three Days 36/xx/xx 63 Keystone Notes 36/xx/xx 64 Locked in Rooms 36/xx/xx 65 Reunited 36/xx/xx 66 Stealing a Sub 36/xx/xx 67 The Warning Signal 36/xx/xx 68 90 Second Intervals 36/xx/xx 69 Attacked from the Air 36/xx/xx 70 Sub Dives to 9000 Feet 36/xx/xx 71 Seconds for the Combination 36/xx/xx 72 Protection Around the Sub 36/xx/xx 73 Stern Section Dumped Off 36/xx/xx 74 Getting Seasick 36/xx/xx 75 Another Sub Follows 36/xx/xx 76 Tex Tries the Radio 36/xx/xx 77 Coded Message Keynotes Hit Sub 36/xx/xx 78 Sailboat Pickup 36/xx/xx 79 Sprayed with a Chemical 36/xx/xx 80 Rescued by Oil Tanker 36/xx/xx 81 Joan & Jerry Stay Behind 36/xx/xx 82 Jerry Shows LA to Joan 36/xx/xx 83 Someone's in the House 36/xx/xx 84 Smelling Smoke Alarms Everyone 36/xx/xx 85 Planning the Return 36/xx/xx 86 Joan Is Afraid 36/xx/xx 87 Sailing for the Magic Island 36/xx/xx 88 Joan Questions the Crew 36/xx/xx 89 A Large Bad Storm Causes Problems 36/xx/xx 90 Engineer Peterson Is Taken Prisoner 36/xx/xx 91 Ship Arrives at the Magic Island 36/xx/xx 92 The Descent into Modern Atlantis 36/xx/xx 93 Everyone Disappears 36/xx/xx 94 Questioned by G47 36/xx/xx 95 A Beautiful Apartment 36/xx/xx 96 The City Is Discovered 36/xx/xx 97 Large Cave Rooms 36/xx/xx 98 The Old Skipper Found Caring for Animals 36/xx/xx 99 Meeting Master Builder 36/xx/xx 100 Artificial Volcano Eruption 36/xx/xx 101 Ships Moved Away 36/xx/xx 102 Comparing Notes 36/xx/xx 103 The Pigeons 36/xx/xx 104 Talk About Future Plans 36/xx/xx 105 Jerry & Tex Disappear 36/xx/xx 106 Listening to Radio Broadcast 36/xx/xx 107 Aboard a Test Rocket Plane 36/xx/xx 108 A Test Flight 36/xx/xx 109 Instruments Have Failed 36/xx/xx 110 Rocket Plane Down in the Water 36/xx/xx 111 All Four Are Rescued 36/xx/xx 112 Elaine Has a New Home 36/xx/xx 113 An Airlock Is Discovered 36/xx/xx 114 Making Escape Plans 36/xx/xx 115 A Keystone Note Demonstration 36/xx/xx 116 Tex Is Suspicious of Elaine 36/xx/xx 117 Daring Escape Attempt 36/xx/xx 118 Landing on Lake Hollywood 36/xx/xx 119 A Second Return Is Planned 36/xx/xx 120 Tex Takes off with Elaine & Is Seen 36/xx/xx 121 Stopping Reporters Story 36/xx/xx 122 Tex & Elaine Control Euclidia 36/xx/xx 123 Motor Almost Dead 36/xx/xx 124 Island Being Raised 36/xx/xx 125 They Are Sinking 36/xx/xx 126 On a Life Raft 36/xx/xx 127 G47 Surrenders 36/xx/xx 128 G47 Has Disappeared 36/xx/xx 129 G47 Is a Professor 36/xx/xx 130 Enrolling in College _____________________________________